How do we do it?

The thing that truly sets Chrysalides apart is a combination of distinctive elements.  Treatments are priced to make you LOL! Skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal are now easily attainable. The setting is intimate and discreet, designed for your personal comfort and relaxation.

Most importantly, the skin rejuvenation program takes the time to educate clients on the myths and dangers of most consumer skin care products.  By understanding how we have been duped into buying products that are actually damaging our skin, clients learn to make sound product choices at reasonable prices that give spectacular results when used in combination with IPL.

Chrysalides uses IPL or Intense Pulsed Light therapy. IPL treatments are sometimes incorrectly referred to as “IPL Laser.” This is incorrect.  IPL is not a laser so IPL permanent hair removal is not laser hair removal.  It is better than laser hair removal!  IPL therapy is created by a machine that produces broad spectrum light with the damaging ultraviolet components filtered out.

There are many reasons why IPL is preferred to laser treatments, whether for skin rejuvenation or permanent hair removal.  One excellent reason is that IPL therapy is less painful than laser. It is also far faster than laser. And, at Chrysalides it costs less than laser.  We have given up trying to understand the market segment that prefers a more painful, lengthy, costly treatment.

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